Imperial Java Stout

Drink: Imperial Java Stout
Type: Beer
From: Sante Fe Brewing (8%)
Price: $3 on special (HH at The Rusty Horse)
Description: Yummy

I’m not a big beer drinker – at all. In fact, I can name on one hand the beers I’ve enjoyed drinking. At the top of this list is the Java Stout I was *accidentally* given at The Rusty Horse Tavern last week during their amazing Happy Hour (2-6pm). The brewers managed to make a smooth and flavorful dark beer with the perfect amount of coffee to give it the refreshing and delicious taste people look for.

The drink: dark, chocolatey, full, and spicy.

The Rusty Horse will inevitably be featured more than once in the blog because of it’s spectacular specials and great local flair. They opened in the newer part of Parkville and offer some of the most delicious and fresh beef you can find. (Seriously – their burgers are outstanding!!)

You really can’t miss it (or their happy hour – best in the northland!)

Java Stout Sample


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