Charlie Sour

Drink: Charlie Sour
Type: Alcoholic
From: Westport Cafe & Bar
Price: $11
Description: Perfect

This cocktail is amazing. When I saw it online last week and that one of the ingredients is Earl Grey Infused Four Roses Bourbon, I knew I had to have it. Tea AND bourbon? Perfection. The flowery taste of earl grey mixes perfectly with the sweet lemon and tart orange flavors.

The drink: light, citrusy, refreshing, airy.

The Westport Cafe & Bar has a lot of unique cocktails on their menu, all of which look delicious – not to mention their happy hour deals ( 4-6 and 10-close) on food are fantastic (mussels for $5?!) and if you manage to snag a table by the window you’ll get a view of bustling Westport. You really cannot miss this cocktail.


3 thoughts on “Charlie Sour

  1. I'm having trouble imagining what this drink would taste like but I am enjoying visiting each of the restaurant sites checking out what they have to offer. Thanks for the tip last week about making tea decaf.

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