Non-Fat Cafe Mocha

Drink: Non-fat Cafe Mocha, no whip
Type: Coffee
From: Parkville Coffeehouse
Price: $4.10 for 16 oz.
Description: Delectable

Oh, Parkville Coffee. Obviously this is my favorite coffee shop. Surrounded by unique local artwork and unusual furnishings (seats from an actual airplane? check.), baristas will whip you up any of the usual coffee standbys. I’ll save their freshly roasted and ground coffee for a later date and focus on my own, personal favorite: the non-fat cafe mocha, served hot with no whipped cream (although it’s also delicious iced). I like Parkville’s espresso – it’s got lots of flavor without being sharp or overpowering, and the baristas are great at crafting this drink without heavy-handing any of the ingredients.

The drink: flavorful, creamy, frothy, and chocolatey without being too sugary.

What’s really great is the location. At 103 Main Street, finding seating is easy with all the extra seating upstairs, but I prefer to sit at the windows at the front and watch the slow bustle of historic downtown Parkville. It’s cutesy and artsy, and very small-town Missouri. If you’re ever in the area, this is worth a stop. Plus, the baristas are incredibly nice.


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