Old Fashioned

Drink: Old Fashioned
Type: Alcoholic
From: Manifesto
Price: $11
Description: Amazing

An Old Fashioned is exactly that – an old fashioned cocktail. It consists of whiskey, sugar, aromatic bitters, orange peel, and a dash of water. Easy enough, and yet not so much. The variations on the amounts, types, brands, and even the addition of other ingredients, can lead to very different results. What Manifesto (and it’s upstairs restaurant, The Rieger) does best is use high quality ingredients and create true, honest cocktails. I’ve had a lot of old fashioneds from a lot of locations, and this one is hands down the godfather of all old-world cocktails.

The drink: spicy, sweet, tangy, smooth. Perfection.

If you’re not a fan of whiskey, this drink isn’t for you. The addition of briefly burning the orange peel to release the oils and rubbing it along the rim of the double-old-fashioned glass puts this drink over the top. They use the large block ice cubes so as to keep your drink cold, but not watered down. The orange peel is used to muddle and add more of an aroma (as opposed to half an orange smashed with a poison-maraschino cherry that you usually get) than as an actual “ingredient”.

Have you ever wanted to know what Don Draper was on about? Get down to Manifesto and order the Old Fashioned. And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t ever order it with Maker’s Mark. Try the Old Overholt rye whiskey instead.

In addition, I found this awesome article while researching. I can’t speak to it’s current accuracy, but it seems a good jumping off point.


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