Wedding Tea

Drink: Wedding Tea
Type: White Tea
From: The Tea Market
Price: $4.35 per 1/2 oz.
Description: Tasty

I’m so happy I somewhat accidentally found myself at this tea shop. It’s hard to find truly great tea shops that carry high quality loose leaf teas. This is definitely one of those places. I was welcomed by Gatsby, the sweetest little pup, and a cup of Cranberry tea (which was warm, fruity, and light) in a flowery tea cup.

After smelling dozens of teas, ranging from greens and herbals to black, rooibos and specialties, I settled on the Wedding Tea, which had the most heavenly smell. The white tea is from China and should be steeped for 3-4 minutes at 180*:

“Silver Needle and Mutan white tea leaves are mixed with pink rosebuds, vanilla and lemon myrtle leaves – a blend that inspires long-lasting happiness…”

The drink: subtle, floral, and soothing. Perfect for a warm spring day.


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