Tea Cocktails

If you haven’t had the chance to make it to Tea Market at the Crestwood shops just south of The Plaza, you need to add it to your to-do list. The shop, owned by Stacy, opened in 2002 and hosts a variety of afternoon teas and classes. This particular class in May focused on infusing tea into liquor through the Tea Forte infusers.* 
According to Stacie, the great thing about infusing is that you can use lesser quality ingredients “for more party,” and you can reuse (resteep) the infusers like when making loose leaf tea (for example, to make a pitcher of cocktails for a party). 

The class was held in the basement of the lovely tea shop in an intimate and casual room. Stacy showcased how to make several of the recipes from Tea Forte in addition to a few of her own. 

The first (and my favorite) tea cocktail was the Cosmo de Provence. It smells of fresh lavender from the Lavender Citrus Infuser from Tea Forte, and is very light and spring-like with fruity undertones. 

Infuse 2 oz. vodka with 1 Tea Forte Lavender Citrus Infuser,
1/2 oz. Cointreau, 1.5 oz. White Cranberry Juice, splash of
fresh lime. Mix or shake with ice. 

During the Holidays, Stacy likes to spice up cheap wine with her house-made Mulling Spice Tea to create Tea Mulled Red Wine.

Infuse 1 full bottle of mediocre (but drinkable)
red wine with 3 T. Mulling Spice Tea for 3-5
hours, strain and re-bottle. 

The Brandy Macaroon tea cocktail is another of Stacy’s creations, using her Macaroon tea (flavored with coconut, almonds, citrus, and cloves, among other spices) and brandy.

Steep 1.5 scoops Macaroon tea in 8 oz. 195* water for
5 minutes, add 2 T Brandy. 

The Tea Forte infusers come in threes: Lavender Citrus, Lemongrass Mint, and Silkroad Chai.

The Wild Mint Mojito tea cocktail comes from Tea Forte as well, using the Lemongrass Mint infuser. The lemongrass flavor really comes through and is emphasized by the club soda and freshened by the addition of fresh mint.

Infuse 2 oz. White Rum with 1 Tea Forte
Lemongrass Mint Infuser and simple syrup,
lime, ice, and club soda. 
The Chai White Russian was smooth, creamy, and sweet without being overly-sweet. 

Infuse 1.5 oz. vodka with 1 Tea Forte Silkroad Chai Infuser,
1 oz. simple syrup, stir with ice and add 2 oz. cream. 

The final cocktail of the day showcased Tiger Spice Chai, available for purchase at the Tea Market, in the Godiva Chai. It’s another drink born from “Holiday in Crestwood” like the Tea Mulled Wine. It’s very indulgent, rich, ultra smooth with an extra depth of flavor from the chai.

8 oz. boiling water, add 3 T. Tiger Chai, 2 T.
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and 1 T. cream, stir.

If you’re ever hosting a small get together, or a large party, these tea cocktails can really put it over the top. They’re indulgent, and easy to make in large batches, or small. Any of these would make a great signature cocktail for a party. I can’t wait to put mine to use!

* Tea infusers can be purchased at the Tea Market and through Tea Forte‘s website. 

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