The Rockefeller

Drink: The Rockefeller
Type: Alcoholic
From: Snow & Company
Price: $7.50
Description: surprising
Recently Snow & Co was named to Paste Magazine’s 10 Best Frozen Cocktail Bars, meaning if you haven’t had a chance to check out their “Snow Cocktails” you now no longer have an excuse. At least that’s what I told myself. The most surprising aspect, to me at least, was just how unique these cocktails are. They are truly cocktails, and not just slushies with booze added to them. This one, made with Old Overholt, Sweet Vermouth, and cherries, was impossible to resist.
The drink: cold, fruity, sweet with spiciness from the whiskey. 
The building itself is super spacious with loads of comfy chairs. With the ability to try all of the flavors for only $25, or even flights starting at $11.50, it’s easy to see why people would stick around. Even my husband, who is not a drinker, couldn’t resist trying a flight of three (The Limey Bastard, Sunshine Boulevard, and Elbow’s Sexual Chocolate). 
P.S. Did I mention they’re opening a second location in the Northland? 


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