Cosmo De Provence

Drink: Cosmo De Provence
Type: Tea Cocktail
From: Tea Forte
Price: $12*
Description: Floral

The Cocktail Infusions from Tea Forte are meant to be steeped directly into alcohol to add the depth and freshness of tea to cocktails. There are an abundance of recipes and ideas available through their website and in a packet included in the box of infusers.

I was introduced to these Tea Cocktails through Stacie at Tea Market in the Crestwood shops at E 55th Street.

* A box of 8 pyramid infusers from Tea Forte (including Lavender Citrus, Lemongrass Mint, and Silkroad Chai infusers) costs $12. This cocktail only costs minimal uses of the spirits, fruit and juice and $1.50 for the one infuser.

The drink: Smells of fresh lavender, springlike, fruity, light.


1 Lavender Citrus infuser
2 oz vodka
1/2 oz French orange liqueur
1 1/2 oz white cranberry juice
splash of fresh lime juice
1 fresh lemon (optional garnish)

– Place infuser in glass.
– Pour vodka over infuser and steep to desired strength.
– Mix infused vodka, French orange liqueur, cranberry juice, lime juice and shake vigorously with ice.
– Strain into a martini glass.
– Garnish with infuser and lemon peel if desired.

In case you’re interested – here are the recipes and notes I took for the Tea Cocktails.


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