Gilded Summer

Drink: Gilded Summer
Type: Alcoholic
From: Manifesto
Price: $12
Description: Cooling
I try not to be biased – but I just had to share this unbelievably unique cocktail from Manifesto’s summer menu. The reason for this is because I truly enjoyed it – despite the fact that it has ingredients that I don’t necessarily care for. It’s made with whiskey, lime, basil, Tomolive, and habanero shrub. 
Instead of being “spicy” or “hot”, the habanero seems to enhance the coolness of the lime and basil, making it exceptionally perfect for hot summer nights spent in the cool basement of The Rieger. 
My point being, that despite the fact that (had I carefully read the ingredients) I wouldn’t have normally ordered this drink, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. One or two ingredients in a cocktail shouldn’t keep you from trying something new – it just might be a surprise! 
P.S. The same thing happened when I tried The Bronx Is Burning, which is gin based. I’ve never been a fan of gin – until now. New cocktails = new favorites. 


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