Drink: Kyoto
Type: Coffee
From: PTs At The Crossroads
Price: $4.00
Description: Chocolatey
Kyoto is a specific system where coffee is cold brewed in large glassware devices, giving the coffee a fuller flavor. The coffee is served cold, without ice or embellishment, allowing the drinker to experience a deeper coffee taste. The newly remodeled location in The Crossroads has the glassware on full display and the staff is knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. 
The drink: sweet then bitter, earthy, chocolately. 
Unfortunately, I missed what brew was used in that day’s Kyoto, but the fullness of the flavor is what sets Kyoto apart from other cold brews and toddies, and is available daily at all PTs Coffee locations. If you’re looking for something complex, cold, and flavorful this is worth a try. 
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