Iced Raspberry Mocha

Drink: Iced Raspberry Mocha
Type: Coffee
From: Scooter’s Coffee
Price: $3.25
Description: Fun

I was driving through North Kansas City and saw the cute little Scooter’s Coffee hut off Burlington and just couldn’t resist grabbing a treat. If you’re still going to that sub-par National chain “on every corner” for your fun, flavored coffee drinks, you’re doing life wrong. Scooter’s coffee is delicious, and they have a way of flavoring their specialty drinks so that they still feel coffee-based rather than milk-shake based. Which is a win-win in my book!

The drink: mocha-y, smooth, delicious.

This drink was recommended to me by the barista, and I loved the good coffee flavor with a hint of raspberry in the finish. It wasn’t overwhelming or syrupy, and sweet without being “too” sweet. I love that Scooter’s has different latte flavorings as well as fruit and espresso smoothies, tea and tea lattes.

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