Drink: Rebubula
Type: Alcoholic
From: ’37 Steak
Description: Warm

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of ’37 Steak‘s new cocktail menu by the wonderful Mikey Strohm, which was released on Monday. Located in Harrah’s in North Kansas City, the venue is contemporary and comfortable with a friendly staff and great food (spicy candied bacon? Yes, please!)

The first drink Mike crafted for me was this awesome whiskey-based cocktail with Applejack, Dolin Rouge, Luxardo Maraschino and house-made citrus bitters, named for the song that was playing when he first made it.

The drink: light, clear, fresh, warm.

The other cocktails off the new menu I got to sample included The Pocket Square, a floral, lemony drink (Mike’s favorite), and Ayurvedic Medicine, a Negroni-like gin drink. Everything I tried, from the flatbread pizza to each cocktail was delicious and well-worth a trip to someplace I wouldn’t normally frequent. Can’t wait to head back for more!


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