BC Tea

Drink: BC Tea
Type: Alcoholic
From: BC Bistro
Price: $6
Description: Happy

This take on the Long Island is a near-perfect copy-cat of the Long Island Iced Teas at Heroes in downtown Warrensburg. Every Thursday we used to hit up Pine Street for those tasty cocktails served in giant glasses, and have lamented the fact that we’ve never found anything even close around here in Kansas City.

I can’t express how excited I was to discover this Long Island Iced Tea at BC Bistro. This gem is only a block from my house in Platte Woods in the Northland. The food is wonderful, created by Brent Mattison, formerly of Nick & Jake’s, and the front of house is run by Coley Rice, who presumably created this perfect iced tea cocktail.

The drink: sweet, refreshing, delicious, strong.

I got mine without tequila, since it tends to upset my stomach, and it was still completely awesome. Happy Hour is 3-6pm on Tuesdays-Fridays, with specials on martinis, wells, beers, and small-plates. I especially appreciate the $4 SD Strong Vodka on the menu. The atmosphere is nice, clean, and the staff is friendly and the bar area is fun. Oh, and if you like a good chicken salad sandwich, get one here with the house-made chips.


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