Iced Mocha

Drink: Iced Mocha
Type: Coffee
From: One More Cup
Price: $3.25
Description: Blended

On a hot day, I just can’t so no to an iced coffee. The only issue being sometimes they’re overly sweetened and upset my stomach. This was not the case at One More Cup in Waldo. The drink was a perfect blend of coffee and mocha flavor.

The drink: creamy, light, chocolatey, with great coffee flavor.

What I think my favorite part of this coffee shop, besides the delicious and unique drinks, is the obvious family aspect to it. The space is so warm and inviting, leaving no one feeling socially awkward or unsure. The staff is incredibly friendly, especially owner Stacy, and concerned with making sure each guest feels as though they’re at home. The small shop (with an awesome patio out front and out back) is cozy and perfect for relaxing, reading, catching up on work, or spending time chatting with friends. Next time I’m definitely getting one of their signature Cali-Colas.


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