Springtime in Paris

Drink: Springtime in Paris
Type: Alcholic
From: The Farmhouse
Price: $10
Description: Citrusy

The Farmhouse has been on my list since I started this blog, and I finally made it through the coercion of my friend Margot, who just happens to be one of the kick-ass bartenders at this restaurant in River Market. Made with Citadelle gin, St. Germain, grapefruit and Chinese five spice cordial, fresh lemon and fresh grapefruit, this summer cocktail is very refreshing and tasty.

The drink: flowery, tangy, citrusy, sweet.

During our fresh and delicious lunch (pork tenderloin sandwich for me and the veggie sandwich for my buddy) in the old brick building with a lovely patio and open spaced bar, we were treated to delicious food and this gimlet-esque cocktail. Locally sourced produce and food really puts this restaurant over the top, as do the house-made condiments (and fries). Can’t thank Margot enough for a great time!


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