Lavender Latte

Drink: Lavender Latte
Type: Coffee
From: City Market Coffee House
Price: $3.55
Description: Smooth

Through social media I learned that the City Market Coffee House was selling their house-made lavender syrup and immediately planned a trip in order to get some. Yes, yes, I could have made my own, but it came so widely recommended and I’ve been working at Manifesto a lot recently, so I couldn’t resist.

Emily, the barista working, was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, allowing me to sample several of the coffee houses specials including the Hippie – cold brew, honey, and soy milk and completely delicious, as well as the house-made cold press coffee itself, which had a very smooth, non-bitter flavor with a richness similar to peanut butter. Emily also made the perfect recommendation of the iced Lavender Latte – one of the most popular beverages.

The drink: light, creamy, sweet, complimentary.

Made with cold press coffee, half almond milk, half soy milk, and lavender syrup the drink is perfectly smooth, naturally sweet and well mixed. The lavender syrup compliments the cold press coffee flavor and the milks compliment each other very well without overpowering the other flavors.


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