Drink: Sangria
Type: Alcoholic
From: Port Fonda
Price: $8.50
Description: Floral

Alright. Let me start with the fact that it’s a little ridiculous that I would go to an amazing restaurant and bar that specializes in Mezcal and not get one of their cocktails with Mezcal. If you get the opportunity to make it to Westport, be sure and at least stop by Port Fonda for a stigi. (The lovely and talented Caitlin Corcoran can explain the awesome history and tradition behind that) Unfortunately, I have an aversion to agave and can’t have Tequila or Mezcal. With that aside, let’s move on to this awesome Sangria.

The drink: light, fizzy, summery, citrusy

This sangria isn’t overly sweet (although mine didn’t include the agave, so yours might be a tad more on the sweet side), but it’s definitely not syrupy. The flavors of peach, brandy, and hibiscus really compliment the tartness of the orange and lime alongside the perfect amount of rioja (red wine).


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