Cafe au Lait

Drink: Cafe au Lait
Type: Coffee
From: Mildred’s Coffeehouse
Price: $2.45
Description: Smooth

With locations both in The Crossroads and downtown on Main, this family owned and run coffeehouse has a very laid-back vibe that’s perfect for settling down with a book or chatting up with friends. A cafe au lait is brewed coffee with steamed milk and foam. Mildred’s has a brewed coffee station where you select your brew while the barista whips up the milk and foam. I chose the Mildred’s Blend drip coffee, fully caffeinated.

The drink: creamy, light, nutty, smooth.

The foam was really great – it was fluffy, long lasting, and plenty of it. The Mildred’s Blend coffee was mild, smooth, and nutty. All in all, a wonderful combination that I easily could have had multiple cups of. With the open and light space in the Crossroads location, it’s a truly lovely and wonderful coffeehouse.


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