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There’s something special about Kansas City. Perhaps it’s our central location in the country, the easy port access that made it historically pertinent, or just the fact that we’re the perfect mix of urban and rural. Regardless, the Kansas City food and beverage industry is exploding. Phenomenal new restaurants, bars, and shops are popping up faster than any of us can keep track (you should see my list – every time I cross off one location, I seem to add two or three more).

It’s evident from the success of local events like the Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival and the Caffeine Crawl that KC is becoming more important and influential on national food culture.

So how does one person keep track of it all? One of the easiest ways is to follow local bloggers. These people are passionate about food, beverage, and all things Kansas City. With each blog’s individual speciality and focus, it allows the reader to grasp and locate exactly what he or she is looking for.

Here are a few of my favorite local food blogs:

Around the Block

Located at  http://aroundtheblockkc.com/

Written by Mary Bloch, the author of the Kansas City Star‘s Restaurant Guide as well as regular contributor to the Star’s Food section and member of the Association of Food Journalists. This blog features restaurant profiles, travel recommendations, cooking tips, and food trend discussions.

Chow Town

Located at http://www.kansascity.com/living/liv-columns-blogs/chow-town/

This blog, run through The Kansas City Star, has over a dozen contributors ranging from local foodies to chefs and experts in the field. With daily posts about the entirety of the Kansas City food scene and easy-to-read posts, this is a great location to find out what people are loving the most in Kansas City.

Eat It Kansas City

Located at http://eatitkansascity.com

Written by Kansas newcomer, Shanley, this locally-focused blogger has been featured in Ink Magazine, Kansas City Home & Garden, Better Kansas City, and National Geographic with her blurbs about restaurant openings, local food events, and abundant recipes.

The Feed

Located at http://thefeedmeblog.com

Run by culinary creative and marking agents Jeff Akin and Emily Farris, this blog features recipes dining diaries in the form of posts and podcasts. Regular contributors to Food and Wine, they started Feed Me Creative – a food based marketing firm (branding, marketing, design, and content development) where their blog is now located.

KC Beer Blog

Located at http://kcbeerblog.blogspot.com

Full of calendar events, beer travel guides, homebrewing resources and every beer-related event in Kansas City, this blog is a can’t-miss for beer lovers. Run by Pat, Kyle, David, and Jay this blog is completely full of information and events. These guys have done their research and do a great job of keeping up-to-date with local events.

KC Morsel

Located at http://kcmorsel.wordpress.com/

Elegantly designed and run by Laura Clark, talented barista and educator at Kaldi’s Coffee, this blog covers more than just coffee, beer, and cocktails. Laura does a great job including food, restaurants, and events around the metro area. Be sure to follow her on social media, as she has a great online presence.

The Making of a Foodie

Located at http://www.makingafoodie.com/

With a focus on becoming a better “foodie”, Jenny Vergara is all about learning and teaching others about the best sides of food and drink, and how to better enjoy them and refine the palate. Her in-depth posts are full of detail and information and explanations that are accompanied by lovely photographs from around the Kansas City area.

Shang Tea Blog

Located at http://www.shangtea.com/blog

Considered the “educational arm” of the Shang Tea company, this blog is a wonderful addition to any tea-lovers resources. With posts about growing, harvesting, brewing, and enjoying tea, the reader gets an abundant amount of information ranging from tea history to current tea events. Straightforward and well-written, this is my favorite place to gain a little tea knowledge.

Team Cocktail! 

Located at http://blog.teamcocktail.com/

If you’re looking for cocktail recipes from local drinkers and travelers, this blog is for you. With the idea of “travel globally, drink locally,” this local blog has a much larger stake in international drinking and traveling, which is a great thing for Kansas City. Search their blog for recipes, merchandise, and local events.

Other resources to find the best of Kansas City are Yelp, Urbanspoon, The Kansas City Star, The Pitch, and Visit KC. What are some of your favorite locals to follow for the best of food and drinks in KC? Leave your answers in the comments!


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