Fall Tea

Autumn is the perfect time to up your loose-leaf tea game. Anna Marie’s Teas in Liberty debuted their fall tea collection last weekend by hosting a sampling. Some of the most popular teas were served with perfectly moist scones; it was a great opportunity to try some wonderful teas. 

Brief descriptions and evaluations are located below the photos of the teas I sampled. Head to The Terrace Avenue Inn to pick up your own fall teas! 
Great chocolate and fruity aroma.
Smooth, indulgent, subtle;
perfect as a dessert tea. 

Fruity, peachy, very very light.
Would be wonderful hot and cold. 

Very aromatic, floral, calming.
The lavender is lovely and not at all

Smooth, syrupy, lightly spicy.
Perfect for fall; has the heartiness of bread. 

Very bread-like, heavy on the tongue;
spicy and warming. 

Strong cinnamon aroma, naturally sweet;
orange and cinnamon are perfect for warm nights;
just enough cinnamon to be a bit spicy. 

With the addition of sweetened condensed milk,
this tea is thick, creamy, like a Pumpkin Spice Latte
in tea-form. 


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