Autumnal Seasonal Italian Soda

Drink: Autumnal Seasonal Italian Soda
Type: Soda
From: Second Best Coffee
Price: $2
Description: Spicy

Other than the best espresso in Kansas City, one of the greatest things about Second Best Coffee in Waldo is their house-made syrups. I fell in love with the Lavender-Honey months ago and how well it compliments the coffee and espresso of the drinks instead of covering the flavors. The syrups are available as freshly-made Italian Sodas, and so in order to appreciate the straight flavor of the Autumnal Seasonal syrup, that’s how I tried it.

The drink: bubbly, spicy, sweet, cool.

The Autumnal Seasonal syrup is ginger, cinnamon, and brown sugar. It’s a perfect fall flavor and would be wonderful in coffee and espresso, and is delicious as a soda. The coolness and bubbly of the soda is a nice balance to the warmth and spiciness of the syrup, making for a very dynamic and tasty drink.


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