Brown Sugar and Rosemary Latte

Drink: Brown Sugar and Rosemary Latte
Type: Coffee
From: Kaldi’s
Description: Fragrant
Kaldi’s Coffee is quickly becoming one of my favorites, especially with discovering the drive-through location in Briarcliff. The syrup compliments the espresso perfectly, is light, and well-balanced. I literally could not stop enjoying this latte. Every time I took a sip, it was delightful. With the house-made syrup, this latte has the perfect blend of dark sweetness and herbal lightness. 
The drink: warm, calming, soothing, perfect. 
This is the most perfect cold-weather beverage I can imagine. Shout out to Laura Clark for introducing me to this phenomenal drink! Forget your PSL and peppermint mochas, this blend of dark sugars and fragrant rosemary will keep you warm this winter season. 


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