New Orleans

New Orleans

Last week I spent Mardi Gras in the French Quarter in New Orleans, LA with my childhood best friend. While I’ve visited before, this trip had a special dedication to food and drink. Here are some of the places you should check out next time you find yourself in the South.

Lucky Dog

Great hot dogs and great service. Perfect for walking the Quarter.

Lucky Dog

Dat Dog

With a variety of sausages and loads of topping options, you can’t miss.


One of the oldest (potentially the oldest) bars in America. Phenomenal atmosphere.


Cafe du Monde

A New Orleans classic, get coffee and beignets, obviously.

Cafe du Monde

Erin Rose/Molly’s

This phenomenal frozen Irish Coffee is available at both locations. Erin Rose is the original, but Molly’s at the Market is just as wonderful!

Erin Rose

Cake Cafe

A local favorite, you can get the best King Cake’s in NOLA here, as well as delicious breakfast options and pastries.

Cake Cafe

Verti Mart

Another local love, they have awesome sandwiches and a seriously diverse menu. A perfect lunch spot.

Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone

Carousel Bar

Get: a Vieux Carre – they were invented here.

Carousel Bar

The Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt


Get: a Sazerac, obviously.



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