Lemoncello Spritzer

Drink: Lemoncello Spritzer
Type: Alcoholic
From: Cucina della Ragazza
Description: Light

In Westport there’s a quaint Italian bistro-style restaurant that serves wonderful food including a great brunch. At said brunch, the bartender suggested a spritzer with their house-made Lemoncello. I’m all about Lemoncello during the warmer months, so I couldn’t resist.

The drink: bubbly, tart, sweet-lemon, refreshing.

With the in-house Lemoncello, Prosecco, club soda, and frozen blueberries, it makes the perfect compliment to the light Italian faire offered. The lemoncello itself (which I tried plain) has an unbelievable lemony flavor that isn’t syrupy or too sweet. I can’t imagine any beverage made with it being anything other than delicious.

Lemoncello Spritzer


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