Andre’s Rieger Chocolates

Drink: N/A
Type: Alcoholic / Chocolate
From: Andre’s Confiserie Suisse
Price: $12 per box of 8
Description: Perfection

While not technically a drink, this is so heavily “Kansas City” that I couldn’t help but include it. Plus, Rieger’s whiskey is a drink, right? Andre’s Confiserie Suisse is serving up these delectable chocolates in all their locations.

The chocolates: rich, sweet, spicy, biting.

As a liquid chocolate, these little gems have to be eaten in one bite, as the whiskey gushes out once the chocolate shell is broken. The immediate bite is surprising, but as the chocolate melts and mixes with the whiskey it forms this syrupy whiskey-chocolate goodness. These are a true, instant classic, and definitely worth checking out.


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