Midwest Tea Fest 

The first annual Midwest Tea Fest was held at Liberty Memorial on June 6th, and was a wonderful collaboration of local, regional, and national tea companies. Along with presentations and cafe sessions, each vendor had a booth set up to showcase their teas and tea-ware. Below are some of the places you can order high quality loose-leaf teas and accessories:

Queen’s Pantry, Leavenworth, KS
This shop offers loose-leaf teas and tea wares both in their shop and online.

Shang Tea, Kansas City, MO
White tea specialists, this company prides itself on the highest quality and freshest Chinese teas and traditional tea services.

PiCeramics, Kansas City, MO
Based in KC, this ceramic shop creates unique and beautiful pieces of art, including tea cups and pots.

Harney & Sons, New York
Master tea blenders, this shop offers online shipping of all their teas and tea wares.

Tea Market, Kansas City, MO
Offering high-quality loose-leaf teas and monthly tea classes, this shop focuses on healthy choices and beneficial and fun tea blends.

Bingley’s Teas, Minneapolis, MN
Famous for their Jane Austen Tea Series, this company offers teas, tea syrups, and tea-wares both in their shop and online.

Phoenix Herb Company, Kansas City, MO
Offering homeopathic remedies, essential oils, incense, herbal supplements and of course, tea, this shop is your one-stop location for healthy choices.

Yoki, Kansas City, MO
In the River Market, Yoki offers cheerful goods for your home.

The London Tea Room, St. Louis, MO
Both a tea room and seller of loose-leaf teas, this is one of the loveliest places in St. Louis to have afternoon tea.

Anna Marie’s Tea Shop, Liberty, MO
Both a tea shop and Inn, Anna Marie’s offers over 80 varieties of loose-leaf tea as well as monthly tea parties at their 1913 home.

Lucky Baby Tea Co, Kansas City, MO
This KC based business is a mobile tea service specializing in traditional Chinese tea practices.

Traveling Tea, Maplewood, MO
Traveling Tea offers on-site tea tastings and brewed tea for events. You can also purchase tea online.

Brits, Lawrence, KS
This shop focuses on bringing the best of Britain to America. You can purchase tea, food, and goods online.

Steeped Tea, Ontario, CA
Steeped Tea is a self-employment opportunity and loose-leaf tea business.

Rishi-Tea, Milwaukee, WI
Available online and in local retail stores, Rishi Tea sells loose-leaf tea, tea bags, teawares, and gifts.

The Midwest Tea Fest was a lovely event, and I feel confident in recommending attending next year’s event for all tea lovers. Admission included a bag of swag, tea samples, entrance to the vendors area, cafe sessions and presentations, and a ceramic tasting cup.


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