The W

Also known as The Private Bar, at 6 1/2 SW 3rd Street in downtown Lee’s Summit, The W is a beautiful and intimate speakeasy serving up wonderfully modern cocktails by Mike Strohm.

The KC USBG made the trip out to Lee’s Summit on Monday to check out what Mike’s doing, and it’s safe to say we all had a marvelous time.

The night began with Garden Punch and Old Fashioneds. The Garden Punch, served in vintage punch glassware of course, was light and perfect, herbal and tasty. The real gem was the “Old Fashioned” served caviar-style with an old fashioned filled cherry on top, in the cutest little glass:

The first drink I ordered was my favorite, called the Burning Bush. An interactive cocktail (the small glass moves as you drink, letting out more and more of the orange bitters in it, infusing the drink and changing it as you go on), this drink had lovely tartness and smokiness (from the burned Rosemary). The Rosemary flavor and tartness complimented the Green Chartreuse well. I’d drink this again in a heartbeat.

Burning Bush: Sage, Rosemary, Imbue Petal & Thorn, Green Chartreuse, Lemon, Simple Syrup + dram Citrus Medica Bitters.

I also tried the Wraith Sazerac, which is smoked cocktail (one of Mike’s specialties). He uses a glass dome under which he light’s the wood on fire and covers, along with the cocktail, to add just the right amount of smoke.

Wraith Sazerac: J. Rieger KC Whiskey, Bitter Truth EXR., Burg & Hauch Creole Bitters, Raw Sugar + Smoke. 

My final cocktail was aptly named “Giggle Water.” Floral and light, this cocktail makes you feel as though all is right in the world. Even the rose petals invoke the aroma and old-timey-ness of the speakeasy era.

Giggle Water: Uncle Val’s Botanical, House Peach Tonic Syrup, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Soda Water, Burnt Lime Wheel + Seasonal Floral Petals. 


To visit The W (and it’s absolutely worth the drive if you’re not near Lee’s Summit), just text (816) 287-0000 for reservations, which are recommended as lines get long and the space is small – but perfectly intimate for enjoying these wonderful cocktails. Cheers!


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