Black Currant Tea

Drink: Black Currant Tea
Type: Tea
From: Anna Marie’s Tea Shop
Price: $4 per oz.
Description: Lovely

There’s nothing better than finding the perfect tea for your purpose. This particular black tea makes the most wonderful iced tea, literally perfection for these hot summer afternoons. It comes from Anna Marie’s Teas in Liberty, which you can visit, or order online.

The drink: light, fruity, clean, flavorful.

The easiest way to make large amounts of iced tea, in my opinion, is to use the sun tea method. Fill two tea bags with about 4 teaspoons each of loose leaf tea, add to a large pitcher full of filtered water and let sit in the sun for a few hours until hot and tea is brewed. I also like to make mine last by diluting with ice water and adding a fresh lemon or orange slice. It’s quite refreshing. Cheers!


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