Currant Events

Drink: Currant Events
Type: Alcoholic
From: Bluestem
Description: Light

With a revamped bar menu, it’s only logical that Bluestem would amp up its cocktail game, especially with Andrew Olsen at the helm of the bar program. The Currant Events cocktail has great berry flavor, a smooth mouthfeel with a hint of tea flavor. The balance of citrus is perfected by the tartness of the verju and natural sweetness to the vodka.

The drink: smooth, sweet, fruity, aromatic.

Made with black currant tea infused J. Rieger vodka, combier, and verjus, Andrew shared that the tea-infused vodka is also milk washed, giving it that extra smooth quality. Milk washing might sound intimidating, like egg white cocktails; if it’s something you’re not familiar with, you might be hesitant. The purpose of milk washing the vodka in this case, according to Andrew, was to remove astringency without losing the tea flavor as well as to give the drink body and a slightly creamy texture. It definitely works in this lovely drink.



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