Ethiopia Sidamo -Headrush Roasters

Drink: Ethiopia Sidamo
Type: Coffee
From: Headrush Roasters
Description: Light

One of my favorite Northland coffee shops, Headrush Roasters, was kind enough to include a sampling of their roasted coffee in the goodie bags from the Fall Caffeine Crawl. Located on North Oak Trafficway, Headrush is a small but efficient coffee shop with a wide array of options, including their in-house roasted coffees.

The drink: fruity, bitter, tart, bright.

The Ethiopia Sidamo is described as having “sweet blueberry tones with a light mouthfeel,” which it definitely lives up to. The blueberry tones especially came through, leading me to believe this coffee would pair very nicely with fruity pastries and perhaps a touch of cream. Thank you, Headrush, for your generous contribution to a wonderful experience at the 40th Caffeine Crawl here in KC.



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