Doughnut Lounge

The Doughnut Lounge in Westport opens today – December 17 – offering up pristine doughnuts, local coffee, and craft cocktails in it’s loungey and comforting space on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The bar program is run by Dom Petrucci (of Julep), and includes classics such as the Old Fashioned and Last Word, along with several signature cocktails like the Hardly Questioned (rum, juice, pumpkin, spice, egg white) and the Eagle Street (sherry, fernet, juice, cucumber) and of course the Daily Breakfast (rotating daily shot + beer). There are also 5 wines and 15 bottled beers.

The coffee program is really special. It showcases a rotating 3-month schedule of featured coffee roasters including Oddly Correct, Post Coffee Company, Parisi, and Roasterie. Cold brew and nitro brew is also on tap from Alchemy Coffee, and fresh tea is available from Hugo Tea.

Now on to the real star of the show: doughnuts!

Maple Bacon – bacon, maple glaze. It’s sweet and salty, hearty, and definitely fun.

The doughnut menu offers both classic and signature doughnuts, as well as “noduts”. All doughnuts are made with ingredients sourced from Kansas City Food Circle.

Goat Cheese – goat cheese custard, root beer glaze, and fresh basil. It’s creamy, fresh, sweet, and herbal.

S’more – chocolate ganache glaze, marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumble. It’s chocolately (the ganache glaze is amazing), rich, and sweet – a real treat.

Jammer – the first “nodut” biscuit doughnut, homemade jam, local butter. It’s not sweet, but it’s hot, savory, and dense. The melty butter and jam makes it the perfect breakfast or afternoon tea treat.

Noduts are fork and knife creations that take the shape of a doughnut and turn it into a meal. There are two small plate breakfast noduts and two dinner plate noduts each day (Breakfast noduts from open to 4pm, and dinner noduts from 4pm to close).

Glazed & Gravy – glazed doughnut, sage and sausage gravy, fried egg. My personal favorite, it’s savory, sweet, flavorful, and to be honest, breakfast genius. I would never have ordered this myself, and now I can’t wait to go back for more!

Vegetarian – sweetcorn cake doughnut, roasted garlic mushrooms, goat cheese, arugula. My other favorite treat, it’s savory and full of flavor, almost like a sweetened salad, it was truly delicious.

Chicken Fried – glazed doughnut, housemade fried chicken, homemade sauce. What a combination. The fried chicken was amazing, and the hot sauce a truly great companion. The fact that they so well complimented the glazed doughnut is out of this world.

This doughnut shop is poised to become a popular joint in the Westport area, with “craft, creativity, collaboration, and conversation” at the central point of the venture. The space is welcoming, the food phenomenal, and the cocktails, coffee, and tea the perfect accompaniment to the sweet treats and savory delights. Don’t miss it.

Doughnut Lounge
4117 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, MO 64111

Sunday – Tuesday 6:30am – 10p.m.
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday – Saturday 6:30am – 1am

twitter/instagram/facebook: @doughnutlounge


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