Cafe Tremé

Drink: Cafe Treme
Type: Alcoholic
From: Manifesto
Price: $11
Description: Reminiscent

A hot Sazerac. That’s exactly Manifesto has created with this cocktail. Its anise-forward flavor provides that absinthe-washed taste while the Old Overholt makes it boozy and tasty.

The drink: smooth, boozy, warming, comforting.

With Old Overholt rye, Star Anise, Brown Sugar, Peychaud’s cream, and a fennel pizzelle, this balanced cocktail invokes the flavors of a sazerac while giving it an entirely new fee. The pink Peychaud’s whipped cream slowly dissolves into the winter warmer adding to the absinthe flavor. The Star Anise – infused Old Overholt gives it an absinthe flavor without overpowering the whole drink. The overall smoothness and balance of the beverage mimics a traditional sazerac, but it’s served hot, making the perfect winter cocktail.


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