Bond Envy

Drink: Bond Envy
Type: Alcoholic
From: The Rieger Hotel Gril & Exchange
Price: $10
Description: Floral
The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange has a new menu full of flavor and ingenuity, and that doesn’t end with the food; the new cocktail menu is full of greatness, too. With tequila chocolate martinis, a daily hot cocktail, and house-made Kombucha, there’s something for everyone at The Rieger.

The drink: floral, light, creamy, soft.

Chamomile-infused Fords Gin, lemongrass-cinnamon, lemon, and hard spices combine to create a milk-washed cocktail that’s light and lovely. It’s chamomile-forward and wintery at the same time, making it creative and comforting. It’s perfectly paired with the new food menu with heavier winter foods like bison stroganoff and rabbit paprikash. Don’t miss out on this cocktail: it’s truly delicious.



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