Stay Golden Ponyboy

Drink: Stay Golden Pony Boy
Type: Alcoholic
From: Extra Virgin
Description: Smooth

Does Berto Santoro of Extra Virgin make drinks that aren’t awesome? Probably not, as I haven’t found one yet. Despite the incorrect quote and misspelling of “Ponyboy” this drink is wonderful. (Sorry Berto, I just can’t help my English-teacher roots!) But honestly, this drink is great, and the name is great, too.

The drink: light, slightly-spicy, citrusy, refreshing.

Made with Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, black tea, lemon, and kumquat coriander, this light and flavorful cocktail is best enjoyed in the shade of EV’s lovely patio in The Crossroad’s District. The black tea and kumquat coriander come through subtly and compliment the cognac, while the lemon brightens the whole drink. It’s delicious. Go get it!


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